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SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an easy to use and affordable integrated ERP business solution tailored for all sized businesses.


Enterprises require an innovative and complete solution. SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP Software is the new enterprise solution suites.

SAP Business By Design

ERP solution for fast-growing, a single cloud solution to complete and scale without cost and complexity.

SAP All in One

An ERP manufacturing integrated business management solution from the leading business software providers.

Tally Mis Reporting

Managed Information System, often referred to as MIS, and just like the words say, there is management, information and the system. 

Oracle Net Suite ERP

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive, scalable, cloud-based ERP system for big corporations and businesses with fast growth rates.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence-focused interactive data visualisation and analytics platform.

It’s Time You Made The Right Choice For Your Business

Key Benefits

Advanced-Data Management

Manually calculating sales margins, profit ratios, and other KPIs becomes more complex as your company expands. SAP automates data access. It syncs metrics. Metrics help analyse progress and create targets.


The provision of real-time data via SAP ERP reduces the expenses of both administrative and operational activities. In addition, this technology assists businesses in organising data and managing operations.  

Effective Performance

SAP ERP avoids repetitive data entry. This increases efficiency and prevents expensive mistakes from misleading data. Data collection is simple everywhere. You’ll stay on schedule and observe procedural subtleties. 

Any Queries – We’ve Got it Sorted

  • How will I know if the software will fit my business requirements?

    SAP Business One and SAP S/4 HANA are globally accredited products from SAP which is trusted and fully scalable. With our Team of Experts, we also provide you system walkthrough and demo with real data and showcase its capabilities in all respects which helps you gain insights and helps in decision making.

  • Is the software customizable and can it be integrated with my other systems?

    SAP Business One and S/4 HANA are fully scalable and can be integrated with other ERP/Mails/Interfaces etc.

  • How easy is it to tailor and customize the ERP systems for my business?

    We understand that all businesses require a certain number of customizations to integrate the existing business process within the ERP solution. Our services on SAP S/4, SAP B1, can be tailored as per the customer requirement, although these can vary based on the complexity of the business processes involved and the expectation. However, at Krijay our team of experts are well versed in the common customizing requirements across industries and some of these are already factored into our implementation services.

  • Can I get free trial for a limited time?

    An ERP is a complex implementation program There is no real benefit offered from a free trial, however a customized demo on the required areas where more clarity is required is provided to the client to have him a close look on all his requirements.

  • How much does it cost?

    We implement standard SAP products for which clients have to pay license fees with recurring annual charge to SAP and Krijay will charge Implementation and Support fees. Implementation and Support fees are based on the clients’ requirements post feasibility and complexity assessment. We also help clients to get these Licenses and follow a transparent process for the same.

  • How is the software licensed?

    For the services we offer, we are channel partners with SAP and licensing is governed by a Licensing Agreement with SAP. SAP licenses are typically perpetual licenses with an annual recurring fee.

  • What deployment and hosting options do you provide?

    On Premise and Cloud Hosting are available for SAP Products which are affordable, secure and reliable.

  • How do we determine our ROI?

    Implementing ERP is typically a one-time investment with a vision, and our goal is to integrate all the business processes and build a system as a single source of truth. The immediate benefits are that there are automated system controls in place with minimum manual interference, which typically takes around three years to realize the intended advantages.

  • How many successful ERP installations have you performed?

    We have successfully completed 20+ ERP implementation projects across various industries sectors wherein we are also supporting our customers’ ERP via AMC contracts.

  • Who is your ideal customer?

    We do not differentiate between our customers and have catered for all our customers with equal priority. However, we have been associated with the client in a long-term relationship and are their trusted IT Partners.

  • Describe your consulting resources. How many full-time consultants do you employ, and How Krijay qualifies them?

    At Krijay, we have a strong team of techno functional consultants who have multiyear experience and we have a balanced pool of resources which comprises of Chartered Accountants, MBA Graduates and Engineers from technological backgrounds. Our resources are selected via an industry standard recruitment process and we always have a sufficient talent pool ready to be deployed for our projects.

  • What’s your guarantee/warranty?

    We consider ourselves as strategic and growth partners for our client. We have been serving clients for the last 10+ years and we are trusted support partners for our clients. Our implementation methodology is tested across various industries and has been effective in achieving the desired value add for our clients.

  • How can customers ensure the support of senior management?

    Krijay is a delivery centric organization where senior management is directly involved in all the project activities, ensuring that all the commitments and deliverables are reviewed before communication to the client. We have a project governance mechanism which ensures that all the project reviews and status are shared weekly with the senior management to keep track of the overall way. In addition, each project has a relationship manager wherein, in case of any escalations and status briefing, these matters are brought to the client’s notice.

  • What kind of training and support do you offer?

    We follow ASAP (Accelerated SAP) and SAP Activate methodology for implementation of SAP under which training the end user is an integral part of project implementation lifecycle. We also train end users and provide them with system handover and make them capable of performing day to day execution. Post the Go-Live of our implementation, we also provide Hypercare for all our clients to ensure the smooth handover of the system to the clients We also offer a dedicated support team to support our clients via annual maintenance contracts.

  • How does your software support the extended enterprise?

    At Krijay, we understand that businesses across sectors requires integration with their existing partners like vendors and customers, such integration solutions can be achieved using SAP Business One and SAP S/4. We also understand that the businesses work under complex organization structures and getting a bird’s eye view for organization as a whole is also equally important, hence SAP business one and SAP S/4 also have integration capabilities with other ERP working in different environments

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