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SAP for Seed

The adoption of modern technologies has fundamentally altered the agricultural industry.

Technology is at the centre of every aspect of farming and agriculture today, whether it is to use blockchain technology to track farming processes effectively, apply IoT and AI to farm management, use sensors and drones to manage crops effectively, or even increase crop productivity with genetic and molecular discoveries. Moreover, thanks to the current technological developments, you may benefit from improved operational efficiency, cooperation, and scalability with a more active and linked business network throughout the supply chain.

The SAP Business One Solution includes the following business processes for Agriculture and Horticulture

Cycle of sales and purchases

Contracts for sales and purchases

Preparing the Seasonal soil forecasting

Vendor or supplier comparison Reports

Budgeting and Project Plannin

Agreements and Subcontracting

Management of Inventory and Warehouse

Cash Flow Control

Quality Control

Allocating resources or workforce

Operations for Import and Export

Choosing premium seeds and other essential materials

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How SAP Business One Can Benefit Your Agriculture and Horticulture Business

This technology enables you to create a real-time data exchange system to create a positive feedback loop for all company activities

The operations linked to suppliers or vendors may be managed and maintained using this system. 

Oversees the management of material contracts, including price and other parameters. 

It offers a management platform for managing performance and inventories, assisting in expanding your business. 

This solution has a unique unified mobile platform that accelerates customer delivery and shortens the sales cycle. 

Regularly analysing and contrasting activities across the company cycle enable you to conduct profit and cost analyses. 

Utilise the demand prediction tool in the MRP wizard to predict demand based on forecasts rather than just history and received orders. 

With complete control over client acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability for your organisation, SAP Business One offers CRM as part of the solution. 

SAP Firm One offers financial and accounting capability that helps your business be more effective and efficient, including features like various currencies, budgeting, and bank reconciliation

Manages master data, serial numbers and codes, group pricing lists, alternative item definitions, inventory growth or reduction adjustments, cycle counts, and the generation of lists for open sales orders. 

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