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Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence-focused interactive data visualisation and analytics platform. Microsoft Power BI is a collection of cloud-based tools and services that allows organisations to connect to various data sources, analyse and display data, and better understand their operations and performance. 

Power Business Intelligence

So that your firm may do real-time data analysis and discover actionable insights, Krijay offers tailored solutions for Microsoft’s robust array of business analytics tools. With Krijay, you can completely revamp your company’s data visualisation and analysis approach, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your company’s state of health. With Krijay’s help, you’ll be able to see patterns in data in a flash, allowing you better to foresee the results of your business’s actions, resolve difficulties quickly and confidently, and increase productivity. Our skilled engineers will compile information from various sources. In addition, we use cutting-edge tools developed exclusively for data warehouses. 

Broad range of business options

You can easily connect, clean, model, and synthesise data with our help. You can create dynamic live reports and dashboards to improve speed, efficiency, and comprehension. Maximise your IT efficiency by directly connecting to several cloud-based and on-premises data sources. Krijay Technologies has experts in the field to assist you in incorporating the data visualisations you require into your apps. 

Power BI Services Partner with Microsoft

Our customers rely on Krijay’s best-in-class business solutions because of our in-depth domain, technical, and industry knowledge and our dynamic grasp of Microsoft Technologies. 

Facilitating the Growth of Businesses

As one of the best Power BI consulting companies, we aim to help you find and take advantage of opportunities hidden in your data. Validated, swift, and reasonably priced. 


Our Power BI experts will guide you through setting up and fine-tuning Power BI. The result is a BI ecosystem made just for your company and can change as your company needs. 

Reporting And Visualisation

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in data visualisation allow us to design dynamic Power BI dashboards and reports with a focus on usability. We make sure the dashboards are intuitive, packed with features, and valuable for seeing patterns in data at various scales. 


Our Power BI integration services provide you unparalleled entry to previously inaccessible data. This will not only increase the velocity with which you can explore data, but it will also help you uncover previously obscured insights. 


Our experts are always reliable, whether they are moving data from one BI solution to Power BI or vice versa. All data will be transferred without hiccups, and the platform’s availability will be maintained throughout the process. 

Maintenance and Help

As a rule, we want to be alert and aware. Thanks to our comprehensive support and maintenance services, you won’t have to worry about using or upgrading Power BI. Whether you need help with an update, an unusual data connection, or a new setup, we’ve got you covered. 

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Microsoft Power BI enables users to

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