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Designed with Higher Education and Research in Mind

Due to disruptive technologies, global educational service providers are forced to reconsider their methods for delivering education. As a result, educators are eager to establish a Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) to successfully implement a blended learning approach assisted by cutting-edge digital learning tools and enable a technology-based approach to instruction, engagement, and interaction to meet the continuously growing demand for self-paced, omnichannel learning. 

Features of an Industry Solution for Education
Invest in education ERP software to solve business issues

Admissions Control

Streamline and automate the admissions procedure for the educational sector. Use a cloud education ERP to ensure that your school, colleges, and institutions' admissions process are error-free.

Management of Fees

Obtain helpful information, such as dues receipts and fee waivers. You may save a lot of time and work by monitoring fee collection and administration.

Management of Alumni

Organize all the pertinent information on alums. Then, ensure the data is up to date and correct using the education ERP system.

Attendance Control

Delete the outdated and laborious system for keeping track of attendance. Instead, clarify staff attendance in real-time and streamline the process.

Staff Control

With access to every piece of personnel data, stay organized and current. Save time by quickly accessing the data and avoiding switching between spreadsheets and Excel sheets.

Asset Control

Maintaining records, viewing depreciation history, tracking assets, calculating depreciation for different uses, and managing other significant assets are all simple.

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