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Commercial Cleaning Company Software Outpaces QuickBooks

Commercial cleaning and janitorial service company owners may be hesitant to implement software changes today, yet using antiquated technology may waste time and money. So when should you switch from QuickBooks to more sophisticated software? 

What indications are there that your commercial cleaning firm needs new software?

Need to make room for company expansion.

Need for more rigorous accounting.

Additional users are required.

Need to fix mistakes.

Why would a business cleaning service need Manage Clean?

Commercial cleaning experts may concentrate on operating a cleaning firm by streamlining their back-office operations and procedures with the aid of Manage Clean. In addition, it represents a huge technological advancement for businesses using QuickBooks today. 

A company management tool for small-to-medium commercial cleaning, janitorial service, and building service businesses is called Manage Clean on SAP Business One. This program makes use of SAP Business One’s cloud-based capabilities. As a result, what you need to manage your core business areas, such as accounting and finance, sales and customer management, buying and operations, supply and distribution, reporting, and more, is provided by SAP Business One, a single, integrated software solution. 

The SAP Business One Manage Clean solution enhances cleaning contract administration, simplifies the billing process for subcontractors, and gives you insight into your profitability. To increase automation, integrate Manage Clean with work order systems or suppliers of cleaning products. 

How can we make the switch from QuickBooks to Manage Clean simple for customers?

Manage Clean has a preset database from the beginning for quick deployment and rollout. The foundation for putting data into the system is simple templates for customer information, service expenditures, inventories, suppliers, and other providers. Our guided implementation includes self-paced eLearning modules and videos on standard operational procedures, including menus, navigation, and how-tos for all facets of system operation. If necessary, we provide in-person instructor-led or train-the-trainer sessions at customers’ sites. Before going live, you may practise business transactions in a sandbox environment. 

What is Manage Clean?

Manage Clean is a software and cloud access subscription service. A small upfront charge covers standard installation. Because you don’t need to invest in physical infrastructure or skilled IT professionals to maintain and support the solution, the total cost of ownership is low. The cost of using Manage Clean on the SAP Business One cloud is reasonable, clear, transparent, and predictable. The duration of your contract and the number of users will determine the payment terms, which begin at 12 months. 

"You may move on from QuickBooks for your company by using Manage Clean on SAP Business One for commercial cleaning"

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