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Utility management solutions that promote a sustainable future can help you thrive throughout this energy transition. 

Technology is completely transforming the energy and utility industries with smart utilities, intelligent customer experience management, and revolutionary Power management. Fortunately, we know to enable you to move quickly. 

 Our distinctive integrated service-delivery approach is equipped with all the necessary tools to be one of the market’s most complete and well-liked offers, including tried-and-true processes and frameworks. Working with the top utility and energy corporations worldwide for many years, we have honed it. 

Because of this, we now have a wealth of expertise in creating successful solutions for business applications, customer service and billing, asset management, front office operations, account management, and order management. In addition, because Krijay is prepared to assist you in navigating the complexity of digital transformation and becoming a disruptor, we at Krijay are aware of the difficulties businesses experience while adopting new technology. 

The beating heart of a world that is changing quickly is power management. 

Energy firms are confronted with challenges ranging from decentralization to decarbonization. 

The incredible number of brand-new possibilities and problems.

Deregulate the power sector.

New competitors are now upending the hitherto steady power sector. Utility companies must modernize their antiquated systems to compete with nimble rivals using DER, decentralized networks, and managing energy at the "grid edge." Likewise, traditional suppliers may expand their business strategies and add new sources of income by upgrading. 


Distributed energy resource (DER) owners expect their utility bills to include both the electricity they use and the electricity they generate. DERs include rooftop solar panels, battery storage, and EV chargers. Billing now has to be more than simply a mechanism to collect money; it also needs to be a way to interact with and communicate with consumers. 

Decarbonization deficiencies

Renewable energy is becoming more and more appealing. However, as utilities transform into sustainable energy firms, they encounter additional difficulties, including the influence of demand models and fluctuations in weather-controlled power production. Moreover, to effectively offer the sustainable energy that consumers want, they require precise, real-time data. 

Digitization is essential for durability.

Grid resilience is essential when weather catastrophes are at an all-time high. However, due to their outdated physical assets and paper-based legacy systems, energy firms cannot take advantage of technological advancements that increase dependability, such as smart grids, smart meters, and local energy balancing. They desperately want a system that is intelligent, integrated, and cloud-based. 


We provide solutions to help you get the most out of your investment in smart grids.  

We employ our digital know-how to provide top-notch user experiences.  

We provide services that help implement energy consumption and behavioural analytics  

Large businesses, retail customers, and multi-service towns seek our advice.  

Our cloud consulting services are integrated into your IT infrastructure without delay.  

We have an extensive network of security experts to fulfil all compliance requirements

We assist you in reaching your objectives by using cutting-edge technologies and process development.