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Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharma ERP Software involves working with complex data, which includes formulations and regulatory and compliance needs. Krijay Technologies is helping the pharma companies simplify the process and improve coordination. Centralizing all records and analyzing opportunity pipelines with quality control, one of the crucial parameters in the operations of a pharma company, SAP Business One is the best-in-class ERP for the Pharmaceutical industry.

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Features of Pharma Industry Solution.
Batch tracking in WIP with yield reconciliation

ERP Software Run Master Batch composition and sequence for the finished goods and the associated stages with SAP B1. Intelligently Allocate resource/ circular costs on work sequence like Machine Cost, Process cost, labour etc. Deliver timely strategies, update work orders during Product, report demanded changes as they transpire. Centralize all accounts. Standard element measures are backflushed or registered as complete.

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Quality Stability

Now it's simple to maintain a report of analysis, certification of analysis, QC- based approval/ rejection management, retesting process management, confirmation for the microbiology test result, stability analysis & maintenance, effective complaint management, for integrated sampling and product launch process. In addition, analyze opportunity pipeline quality control. You can also execute QC for stability & control samples for complaint management. Perfecting the collaboration further, it's simple to register delegates for RM/ PM/ Bulk/ Semi- FG/ FG.

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Bi-Directional Material Traceability

Centralize all records, analyze opportunity pipelines, and quality control effortlessly define the lot number of raw materials, midsize products, and finalized goods. Manage Quality parameters and observe a constant tab on the expiry date against the lot number at the procurement and receipt from the output. Quickly issue the inventory lots on FEFO Basis to the Shopfloor. Supportable and remunerative growth smoothly traces the In and Out procedure of the Lot predicated on the Lot Number with ERP Pharma.

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Quality Management

Conduct examination throughout the procurement and production process. Manage Quality parameters like Product batch and lot quality, create labels like Sample, Quarantine, Under Test, etc. Working with detailed data makes a certificate of analysis for Intermediate, Raw Material, IPOQC, in- procedure inspection, and Finished Goods Product downgrades with the assistance of SAP B1 quality Test for stability and control sample with Pharmaceutical ERP software.

Formulation & Packaging

Advance Planning and Scheduling support single and multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) to manage strategies and routings during output. Yield computation and tracking (/-) throughout the show. Multiple units of measure conversion capabilities. Compliance requirements are all caught by SAP Business One with smoothly defined Overage, Assay, and LOD against the Intermediate Product /Raw Material with SAP in Pharmacy.

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Streamline production and operations

Pipeline and Opportunity Management to perform batch strategies and auto-creation of an intermediate production order. You can also finish are-work procedure, stage-wise yield calculation, sketch sequence/ routing for stages or operations, and assists in the stage-wise revaluation of Product costing and its analysis. With our industry solution, you can also handle and track formulation predicated on principles & further requisition.

Barcoding & Scanning

Now get exactitude in stock counting and management of the inventory, and utilize batch and periodical numbers to track inventory.

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Client/ Dealer/ Vendor/ Employee Portal

Get forward and reverse track with automated recall and empower your client's dealers and merchandisers with a security and flexibility portal. Self-serviced key features so that they're in complete control of their accounts.

Mobility & Analytics

Now power your opinions by Intelligently handling every aspect of your pharma business analytics features of SAP B1 and accessing any device like iPad, mobiles, desktops, etc.

SAP Business One for Pharmaceuticals

By keeping your accounts in a single integrated system, you can keep track of the amount spent on manufacturing and raw materials. 

The manufacturing procedure may be planned. The control of routines distinctively enables the production of medications. 

A precise calculation of the needs for the whole production process will enable you to manage stocks effectively. 

Concentrating on essential areas enhances client interactions. 

Keep track of BMR and BPR data to ensure the quality of your medications. 

Employee performance may be evaluated by closely observing their actions. 

An integrated software system manages the whole manufacturing process. This guarantees that the manufacturing process is followed as instructed.