Krijay Technologies Pvt Ltd


I . Tally Konnect 2.0

The tally reporting tool we use is TallyKonnect 2.0. It is one of the most popular accounting software used in India. The simplicity is the driving force that allures the users of financial

Information to actively use Tally as the ERP solution for their businesses. The availability of business information from anywhere without any dependency is a reality for business owners. Accessing information on the move enables the business owner to taking the right decisions at the right time, stay ahead of the competitors, and contribute towards positive growth. With every release, the TDL Procedural Capabilities are getting strengthened at a commendable pace. The latest along this path is the File Input/ Output Capability. Using this tool, we perform operations such as –

  • Compile
  • Report
  • Analyse
  • Decide


So, by using all these operations, we give a perfect business management solution and GST software with an ideal combination of function, control, and in-built customizability.

II . Industries

We follow a customer-centric and result-driven approach and offer business solutions to industries of all sizes and across all domains.

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