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Go green and profitable with ERP for the oil and gas industry. 

 Adopt the Tools for Digital Success with Krijay Technologies for Oil and Gas. 

Even while the oil and gas sector affects every aspect of business, it faces specific difficulties. For example, many assets are frequently neglected, underutilised, or poorly maintained due to their vastness. Additionally, as separate companies merge, it may be challenging to integrate their operations into your own. These difficulties include operational transparency, healthy production, process visibility, cash flow prediction, and risk management issues. Thankfully, over 98% of the Fortune 500 oil and gas businesses employ a solution. 

 The most widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program is SAP. Our distinctive strategy helps O&G firms solve industry-specific obstacles and achieve growth and efficiency to manage a successful transition. Krijay Technologies is supported by SAP’s best resources and technological techniques. 

Gas ERP Solution Features

With SAP B1 ERP for Gas Industry, you may explore innovative ways to address your operational difficulties. 

Management of master data and schemes

Manage master data for PNG easily and locate the connections to this station using the DRS No. 

Billing Sales Automation

Calculate gas prices, bulk domestic billing, pricing slabs, the cycle of customer-based invoices, and automatic minimum and maximum charges. 

Quality Management and Control

Gain the loyalty and quality of your consumers with item-based parameters (GAS Kits) and GAS-compass quality. 

Maintenance of Products

aids in keeping track of maintenance schedules for machines, dispensers, and GAS stations. 

Management of Customer Care

Handle everyday client inquiries and PNG/CNG customer management with ease. 

Automating the Payment Process

Automate the payment process by receiving bulk invoices and security deposit payments. 

Operations involving distribution and billing automation

Automate procedures and reduce mistakes in daily engine metre reading, daily cash reconciliation, daily dispenser detail, daily compression detail, daily dispenser reading, and daily gas purchase detail. 

Administration of Pipeline Layouts

Keep a record of the stage-based payment and status, MBPE pipeline distribution and connection, GI pipeline distribution and connection, and steel pipelined distribution and connection. 

SMS and Auto Mail

Dynamically notify management, staff, and stakeholders by auto mail and SMS of emergencies, events, current discounts, and other essential prepositions. 

Features of SAP Business One for Oil & Gas

Functional modules are effectively handled to assess the needed raw materials, aiding production scheduling

It efficiently manages the organisation's inventory, making it simple to monitor stock reconciliation. 

Implementing SAP makes it possible to handle project management procedures effectively. Sales rise as a result of automated operations. 

Setting the budget frame results in high-quality items that offer value to your firm, according to the anticipated production plan. 

The SAP software program is reasonably priced. Small and large-scale enterprises might use it to their advantage to quickly move up the ladder. 

You don't always need to access information with the help of technical professionals when using an integrated corporate software solution. 

Financial statements on sales, together with other industrial needs and product purchases, are updated in the system. The task of managing cash flow is made simple. 

Oil & Gas SAP Business One