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ERP in the Manufacturing Sector

A supply chain’s visibility is improved by an ERP system, which also efficiently manages costs and resources—lowering the cost of holding inventory while increasing staff productivity, revenue, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. 

Supply chain management is still a significant (complex) for businesses that manufacture industrial goods.  

For industrial manufacturing organisations, technology is needed to link information platforms that use data and sophisticated analytics to provide higher quality, more durable, and more dependable products. This technology must go beyond real-time monitoring. 

 The most significant way for industrial manufacturers to serve their clients (and themselves) is with well-designed tools and solutions that increase factory productivity, effectiveness, and profitability. 

Affordable ERP for the Manufacturing Sector: SAP Business One
Manage your stock.

The inventory of the manufacturing industry may be tracked 24/7.   SAP B1 assists in reducing product waste by continuously checking expiration and quality. 

Improve your customer relationship

SAP Business One makes it simple to manage customer inquiries and orders. Encourage long-term commercial partnerships; it strengthens your connection with your customers. 

Automate your work

SAP B1 will reduce human interference in its operations, saving you time and effort and enhancing profitability.  

End-to-End Assistance

The expert team at Krijay is always there to help you, from selecting the ideal solution for your company to carrying out the structure to regular support and maintenance. 

Key Features

Processes for Planning Machines

Reduce wasteful expenditures and manufacturing inefficiencies across the whole process. With SAP Business One for the manufacturing sector, you may increase cost savings as you plan more effectively with precise resources and machine planning procedures.  

Storage Management

You can maintain cost-effective manufacturing while managing inventory across various warehouses with sophisticated warehouse and bin location monitoring. Software for manufacturing ERP makes it simple to monitor stock movements, speed up deliveries, and decrease stock-outs. 

Discrete manufacturing is a part of the APPP (Articulated Production Planning Process)

This will be successfully blended with interdependent processes and autonomously integrated with PLC (Product Life Cycle) phases.

ING's Procedures

Through the SAP Business One platform and mainly created add-ons by Uneecops, the additive, casting, imaging, moulding, shaping, machining, joining, and other associated operations are carried out. 

Module for Information Integration & Response

The processes are accessed by specific add-ons and setup procedures, allowing for the unrestricted flow of information across departments. This covers things like SMS and email. 

Project Management for Production

You stay updated on all your projects with real-time, cross-functional reporting that includes cost accounting, control, manufacturing and logistics management, and other topics. 

Actual expenses and projections

Profit margins may be calculated with ease using built-in features and supported add-ons. For example, an analytical feature included in SAP Business One makes the forecasts on machines and resources more accessible. 

Principal Product Costs

Production, inventory, engineering, and overall costs may be optimised thanks to structured data and values (material masters, BOM, routing, system-driven pricing, real-time calculation engine HANA), which include integrated numbers. 

Quality Assurance

Since SAP Business One employs pre-configured settings, it is simple to check the quality following global norms, including automatically producing the certifications and labels. 

Control panel cockpit

Use SAP B1 Dashboard to provide the much-needed visibility and control at work. With SAP Company One for the manufacturing sector, you can see your business data, dig into critical processes, and come to wise conclusions.  

Preparing and Consuming

It is feasible to design JIT and FIFO while retaining the optimal use of the same by combining "over-the-shelf-availability" of material and resources. This comprises, among other things, lead times, transfer schedules, machine capabilities, resources, BOMs, and batches. 

Endemic Production Cycle

A specialised sector where a conventional process meets specific production-specific criteria. ERP for manufacturing firms enables end-to-end production process visibility while upholding standards for quality and safety. 

SAP Business One for Manufacturing in Industry